Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Lawsuit

Why did Ammon refuse to participate in the lawsuit?
Ammon made a strategic decision not to participate in the lawsuit simply because the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure #55 requires a judge to issue a default judgment against a defendant who does not respond or participate in a lawsuit.

The lawsuit took place in the middle of Ammon's run for Governor and would have been a cumbersome burden on Ammon's campaign, so he made the strategic decision to avoid the outrageous costs and time commitment required by a lawsuit like this one and simply accept the default judgment.

Of course, corrupt judge, Lynn "Misconduct" Norton, violated the Supreme Court's rules and refused to issue a default judgment even though she was required to do so, which ultimately led to the lawsuit dragging out for nearly a year, and putting Ammon's life, liberty, and property in jeopardy.
Why did Diego Rodriguez refuse to participate in the lawsuit?
It is a complete fabrication and lie to say that Diego Rodriguez did not participate in the lawsuit. In fact, Judge Nancy Baskins told the jury at trial that Diego refused to participate in the lawsuit. She flat-out lied to the jury.

The truth is that Diego responded to the first complaint. He also made a lengthy response to the 4th amended complaint (which judge Lynn "Misconduct" Norton struck from the record to intentionally prevent the jury from seeing any evidence presented or hearing the opposing story).

Diego also made over 20 filings into the case which can be seen in the court docket and he even sat for a deposition.

So anybody who says that Diego did not participate is simply lying.
Why didn't Ammon and Diego just hire a good lawyer to fight back against St. Luke's?
Both Diego and Ammon looked into finding a suitable legal team to defend them. However, the lowest quotes at such a legal defense for this case were between $250k - $275k. Others quoted between $500k - $750k.

That is just how much money it costs in legal fees to fight a giant monster with an unlimited bank account like St. Luke's. And insider information let us know that St. Luke's essentially wrote Holland and Hart a blank check to, and I quote, "Do whatever you have to do to destroy Ammon and Diego."

And contrary to popular belief, if we were to have spent the $250k+ that it would have cost for a legal team to defend us, and then ultimately WON THE CASE, which every attorney told us that we would likely not win in Ada County because they are notoriously corrupt with the worst judges who manipulate juries and control evidence, then we still would not get that money back.

This is simply how "law-fare" works in America and particularly in Idaho. Anybody with a big enough bank account can financially ruin you simply by filing a lawsuit against you.

In fact, there is a colloquial term for this, it is called a SLAPP suit—a baseless lawsuit designed to silence political opposition—and many states have laws against them. But Idaho, obviously does not have laws against these types of frivolous suits designed to shut down dissenters because it keeps the "powers that be" in power.
Why was Baby Cyrus taken away if the parents hadn't done anything wrong?
The case has been strongly made that CPS works together with law enforcement and "health care" organizations like St. Luke's to kidnap babies under the guise of "medical emergencies" in order to get money provided to them through the Federal Government's ASFA program.

You can learn all about it here:
Government Subsidized Child Trafficking in America
I heard the baby was about to die and was in imminent danger because the parents neglected to feed him and he was malnourished.
This is an absolute complete lie and it has been thoroughly debunked repeatedly.

Baby Cyrus suffers from a condition called "Cylic Vomiting Syndrome" which causes him to vomit repeatedly and which causes him to lose hydration and nutrition over short periods of time. His parents then have to work diligently to help him recover as quickly as possible.

Baby Cyrus was forcefully taken away from his family at the point of a gun by corrupt Meridian police officers who were aware that:
  1. The parents had done nothing wrong nor did they neglect Baby Cyrus in any way.
  2. Baby Cyrus was perfectly healthy and they were therefore going to give him to a foster parent the night they kidnapped him!
  3. The hospital medical records show that Baby Cyrus was not in imminent danger.
  4. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare knew that Baby Cyrus was not in imminent danger.
  5. The Meridian Police Department knew Baby Cyrus was not in imminent danger.

The documentation for this has been show repeatedly in multiple online videos, articles, and presentations. You can see the evidence for yourself here:
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