The Truth About St. Luke's


St. Luke's Hospital is one of only 13 hospitals in America that performs gender mutilation surgery on minors!
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Proof that St. Luke's Mutilates the Genitals (Performs Sex Changes) of Children

July 29th, 2023
St. Luke's Children's Hospital webpage is still advertising minor hormone therapy and sex change surgeries. This video gives proof…
St. Luke's is compensated when babies, who are illegally and immorally kidnapped by CPS, are placed in their "care."
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Government Subsidized Child Trafficking Presentation REPLAY

May 10th, 2023 / by Diego Rodriguez
Government Subsidized Child Trafficking is a presentation given by Diego Rodriguez about the true nature of CPS (Child Protective Services)…
St. Luke's has a record of medical incompetence which has resulted in the death of many of its patients.
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Medicine mistake kills child at St. Luke’s

A child has died at St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center after being given the wrong medicine, hospital staff said Friday in a press conference. (Article from the Idaho Statesman)
How St Lukes killed a 10 month old baby

How St. Luke's Killed a 10 Month Old Baby

Idaho local business man and former marine and police man shares his story about how St. Luke's hospital killed his 10 month old child.
St. Luke's is a major sponsor of the gay, lesbian, and transgender movement in Idaho.
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St Luke's Sponsors Gay Pride Parade's and Drag Queen Shows

St. Luke's, who receives millions of dollars every year in government subsidies has been proudly sponsoring "gay pride" festivals for years in Idaho.
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