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St. Luke's Hospital(s) have a terrible reputation for corruption, wickedness, evil, medical malpractice, and just plain horrible treatment of their customers and patients.

However, those same people who have been abused and mistreated by St. Luke's have been silenced or otherwise been unable to share their horror story on any public platform.

Now you can share your St. Luke's horror story and we will compile them all into a report to be published nationally and to be used in a court of law against St. Luke's. You no longer have to feel helpless and silenced. You can now be a part of the process of JUSTICE!

Your HORROR STORY submission can be about abuse, mistreatment, malpractice, corruption, extortion, COVID treatment, vaccine mandates, bullying of birthing mothers, financial corruption, or any other story that you have never been able to publish before.

If you want to use an alias as opposed to your real name, we understand. You can remain anonymous, but please be sure to send us your ACCURATE story of how you were mistreated by St. Luke's below.

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St. Luke

When you submit your story on this page, you are giving permission for your story to be published in the printed book: THE ST. LUKE'S HORROR SHOW, Real Life Stories About the Abuse, Corruption, Extortion, and Malpractice Harming Innocent Idahoans Everyday at St. Luke's Hospitals.

This book will be physically printed and used as evidence in lawsuits against St. Luke's. The book will also be made available in digital PDF and e-Book formats as FREE downloads.

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